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Sharks and WondeRock Update

The combined U12 WandeRock team played Wicklow on Saturday

Our U14 and U12 girls had a fantastic outing to Wanderers on Saturday.

Our U14s who play with the combined Sharks team played a league match against Greystones, which was followed by our combined Rock/Wanders (WandeRock) U12 team playing against Wicklow in the first game to be played on the new Wanderer's 4G pitch.

U12 team, overseen by Ireland International Christy Haney, played on the Wanderer's new 4G pitch

The performance from both teams was awe-inspiring with some fantastic play and teamwork we could all learn from!

U12 girls enjoying a special reception after their match

After the game there was a special reception for the players where they were presented by our own Christy Haney with beautiful artwork painted by one of the Wanderer’s U14 players.

U12 and U14 girls were special guests of honour at the '10 Years of Women's Rugby in Wanderers' lunch celebration.

They were then special guests of honour at the “10 Years of women's rugby in Wanderers” lunch celebration which was followed by a panel discussion with a selection of  Irish Women in Sport. To continue the celebrations, there was music and an evening of celebrations afterwards.  

A big thank you to Wanderers for making our girls so welcome! And a massive congratulations to all of the players and coaches who continue to promote girls in rugby.

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