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The game of Bridge was originally developed in the 1860’s from the card game Whist by the Russians and was first called Biritch. It took an American, Harold Vanderbilt to write a set of rules for the game so that he could play it with his friends on an ocean liner between the United States and England in 1925. And by the 1930’s it was extremely popular. The most popular playing system in Ireland is called the Acol system, and is named after the Acol Bridge Club which at the time was in Acol St in London NW6.

The Blackrock College Bridge Club was founded in 1966 by members of Blackrock College Rugby Club, the ex pupils union, and their wives. The late Paddy Gately was one of the main links between the Bridge Club and the Rugby Club and he was president of the Rugby Club 1972/73. The members originally played in Somerset House­ long since gone. And we’re now in the Hall on Monday and Thursday nights. We still have 2 founding members playing regularly with us, Rena Smithwick and Mary Dillon, after more than 50 yrs.

We are at present open to new members, and this helps keep the club active and vibrant. We are very sociable and have lots of fun but we do take our bridge very seriously, and our members play in many local and national competitions with great success at all levels.


On behalf of the Bridge Club I would like to wish the Rugby Club every success over the coming season.

Janet O’Huiginn, President

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