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President's Note

25 March 2024

Hi Everyone,

As a very wise man said to me ‘there’s no point turning up in Stradbrook before the 70th minute’!

I take you back to the darker days of winter, somewhere between Halloween and Christmas and a question (more of a challenge actually): 'Are you not entertained?'

Well, business end of the season is upon us, the days are getting brighter but the chances are becoming fewer. Every minute of the remaining two matches counts. If we make each minute work for us, the outcome could be special--if we don’t, then it’s heartbreak.

160 minutes of rugby left and every single one is a contest. Two Munster teams to play with one already in playoff territory. We need to take that away from them – away in Cork this Saturday. They won’t give it up easily. They’ll fancy their chances and think that they are a harder proposition than us, but I can assure you they’re not. It’s knock-out rugby at this stage, we’re kinda good at this. Cork is lovely this time of year.

While the win over Belvedere was nothing short of epic and so reflective of this team’s tenacity and resilience it wasn’t the only success we experienced this weekend.

J1's After Their Win Sunday

We had two other incredible wins on Sunday – the Men’s J1's against Trinity in College Park (it’s nothing short of amazing what this squad, management and coaches have done considering our challenge in even fielding a team last year) and the U20's at home to Navan. Once again a late resurgence to seal the deal. It’s the Rock way.

Rugby is thriving and the pool of players we have across these vital teams is so impressive. There is genuine deep talent back in the club, and when you consider we had 9 members of the women’s team involved in the international against France on Saturday the ambition we have for the future needs to do this justice.

We are a serious proposition. We are Blackrock.

Are you not entertained?

See you in Cork.


Paul Flavin

President 2023-24

Blackrock College RFC


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