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BCRFC Featured in Leinster Programme

The most recent edition of the Leinster Programme includes an interview with our Director of Rugby, Michael 'Mick' Hearty, featuring photography from John Crothers of JC Sports Photography.

Mick spoke to journalist Des Berry about the club's years of relegation and the struggle to recruit new players, followed by the club-wide success on the pitch and within the community in recent years.

'Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before people realise how much they care about the club or the product or the game even,' said Hearty.

'I started telling people why I cared so much about the club, why I volunteered down there...My Dad Tom was Club President. My mum Breda was on the fundraising committee. It is that family link that makes it feel like a second home. When you start telling those personal stories, people start believing you...and eventually, they will come with you. It takes time.'

Mick also discussed his lofty goals for BCRFC:

'The end goal is for Blackrock to win the Women's and Men's titles on the same day, on the same ground.'

What an exciting day that would be!

You can read the full article below or by clicking the image above:

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