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All Weather Pitch Rules and Code of Conduct

Copy of the Rules and Code of Conduct for Use & Hire of AstroTurf Pitch:

• Group Leaders must sign the Rules and Code of Conduct prior to hire of the pitch.

• Group Leaders must be on the pitch before players/children. No use of pitch until the group leader is present.

• Booking are for 55 minutes, finishing 5 minutes before the hour. Please be courteous of the group hires before & after your time slot.

• The Group Leader is responsible for the conduct of his/her members or players and must ensure proper use of the facility by the group.

• Good behaviour is required from each group before, during and after use of the facility.

• Players and their guests must treat fellow users and staff with courtesy and respect at all times.

• Groups must recognize that other groups use the facilities. Abuse of those areas violates the rights of all users.

• Physical intimidation or violence towards facility staff or fellow users is entirely unacceptable.

• Players will not intentionally damage the all weather pitch or any Blackrock College RFC facilities in any way.

• No form of vehicle, bicycle, roller skates etc. is allowed on the pitch.

• Players are strictly prohibited from attempting to open or adjust in any way electrical boxes, lights or wiring.

• It is the responsibility of all players to ensure that they are equipped with suitable footwear for playing on the pitch such as Astro Turf runners, or boots with moulded studs.

• Boots with steel studs and/or blades are strictly prohibited.

• Clean footwear only. Footwear must be cleaned on the boot brushes provided before entering upon the pitch.

• Players with incorrect footwear will be requested to leave the pitch area immediately and the club will be held responsible.

• Food, drink and chewing gum are strictly prohibited within the pitch area.

• Water may only be brought on to the pitch in personal re-usable sports water bottles. No glass bottles.

• No smoking on or near the pitch.

• No dogs on pitch at any time.

• Only coaches, managers and players are allowed on the all weather pitch. Spectators are to remain outside of the playing surface at all times.

• Remove all litter, tape, plastic drink bottles etc. from compound when leaving the pitch and dispose of properly.

• Blackrock College RFC cannot be held liable for the loss or damage of valuables during the use of the all weather pitch or during the time prior or after the use of the All Weather pitch.

• It is strictly forbidden to sub-let the facility.

Please note these conditions are imposed to ensure user health and safety and to protect and ensure the pitch longevity. Spot checks will be carried out and breaches of any of the above, will be subject to penalty charges and loss of use.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Heads of House & Grounds, Conor Cleary.

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