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Fight Night is Back! Rock Royal Rumble 2

The Rock Royal Rumble is back for Round 2 on Saturday April 6th, hosted by Blackrock College RFC in association with Pieta House. Get your tickets fast and join us for one of Stradbrook's best nights of the year!

Tickets available for purchase now on Eventbrite. Can't make it on the 6th? You can still support our boxers and Pieta House by donating online: GoFundMe.

Incredible Match-ups Include:

1. Daniel Barnett vs. Owen Cullen

2. Gav Hegarty vs. Andrew Walsh

3. John Fagan vs. Marc O'Laoide

4. Mick Hearty vs. Clint Arblaster

5. Ian McCarthy vs. James Lyons

6. Diarmuid Tierney vs. Nolan Pye

7. Dave Fenn vs. Al Horgan

8. Eoin Joy vs. Reece Jordan

9. Mick Taaffe vs. James McShane

10. Rob Sheedy vs. Mark Dunne

11. Dillion Coughlan vs. Kevin Finnegan

12. Emilio vs. Michael Ricketts

13. Caoimh Molloy vs. Riana Roche

14. Ray Ray Lawless vs. Laura Delaney

15. Ali Coleman vs. Anna Potterton

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