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U-17/18’s Try Triax

U-17/18’s and Minis coach to feature on TV3 Gadget Buzz this Friday at 8.30pm

As a modern club in Europe we also like to look at how we can identify new ways to help us in our efforts to ensure Health and safety is top of mind for all our players - one area being injury management and the use technology and data to aid us in the endeavour.

With this in mind, We have been given a marvellous opportunity to look at and try a new Technology called Triax for TV3’s “The Gadget Buzz” which focuses on Monitoring concussion in sport by providing data to coaches around correct playing techniques. Essentially Triax is a smart impact monitor that measures g-force impact of head impacts for concussion management in real time. To be clear it does not prevent concussion but monitors head impacts.

It is a US company that is already immersed in Soccer, NFL and Water Polo and research institutions and want to extend their product to other sports and other markets, potentially using Ireland as their European Base and test bed for Rugby.

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