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Div 8 Start Cup Campaign with a Bang

On a Cold and Wet Febuary afternoon in Malahide Martin Lynch shared his tactics with the Div 8 Squad. Expansive Rugby, wear them down. It worked. After three minutes converted GAA player Stephen Beale touched down after a block down and somefly hacks. Two minutes later Johnny did the same after some equisite back play forced a gap in the centre which Rex Ingram was delighted to exploit.

The Halftime score of 41-0 was a fair reflection of the game but fair play to Malahide, they came out stronger in the second half and had a constant surge on our line for around ten minutes but Rocks excellent defence lines, lead by Mark Burke, Div 8 Veteran Lumbo and the token pensioner Bolo, kept them out before Rock added further points through Weasel Jnr and Vinog.

Next Up in the Winters Cup is Marys on the 26th March

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