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The Blackrock College RFC Mini and Youth organisation is composed of the Executive and a number of Age Groups from u6 to u19.

The Executive is responsible for Mini and Youth club-wide matters such as registration facilities, accounts and treasury, website and IT, the organizsation of hosted festivals and other club events, and any other matters which are not particular to one Age Group. The Executive is also responsible for communicating and interacting with the senior club on matters related to use of facilities and pitch coordination.

Each Age Group operates with a high degree of autonomy in relation to rugby matters. This is natural as they train and play together under different rugby rules for each Age Group.

However the Executive must ensure that all Age Groups operate to a high and consistent standard and comply with all IRFU regulations per age grade.  The Executive is responsible for ensuring the welfare, health and safety and enjoyment of rugby for each and every child, regardless of ability, physical stature, school, or background.

To this end, a number of responsibilities are assigned to each Age Group. The Executive suggests that these responsibilities be separated into three distinct roles – Group Head Coach, Group Manager, and Group Administrator. Each group may choose to divide the roles differently but all listed responsibilities must be met by the Age Group as a whole. The group is ultimately accountable to the Club, the Mini and Youth Executive, and all parents and players of the group. Meeting these responsibilities ensures the smooth running of each Age Group and allows the group to continue to operate independently of the Executive.


To further help each group to understand and deliver on their responsibilities, a parent from each Age Group will be asked to represent their group on the Mini and Youth Executive as a Group Representative. This role is open to any parent within an Age Group – whether they are a coach or not. The Mini and Youth Executive truly welcomes any parent who wishes to join and contribute to the function of the Executive.

Group Head Coach
Responsible for leading the group when they are on the pitch in matches or in training
  • Ensure that rugby skills development and training is appropriate with the Age Group and in line with IRFU long term player development plan (6 to 6 nations).

  • Ensure that all children get a sense of fun, enjoyment, sociability and participation in the game in a safe environment.

  • Recruit and mentor the other coaches in the group and actively seek new parent involvement in coaching.

  • Promote and safeguard the values and ethos of the club with players, parents, officials and visiting teams.

  • Clearly delegate their role whenever they are not available, ensuring everyone in the group knows who is in charge of a training session or match at all times.

  • Required to speak to parents only occasionally in relation to rugby matters.

  • Takes direction from the Mini and Youth Director of Rugby on rugby related matters.

Group Manager
Responsible for ensuring the group is always in the right place at the right time and has everything they need to train and play
  • Primary communicator for the group, manages email lists, teamer, phone numbers, and any other mechanisms used for group communications

  • Communicates regularly with the Club and Mini & Youth Fixtures personnel to ensure pitch allocations are agreed prior to training or matches

  • Communicate all training and fixtures to parents and answers all questions in relation to this from parents, coaches and the club officials

  • Take the lead in any matters related to players, including but not limited to conduct issues and injuries to players.

  • Ensure all concussion incidents are dealt with in the correct manner and reported to the Mini and Youth Health and Safety officer.

  • Ensure the group has appropriate training gear (bibs, tackle bags, cones, etc) for the start of every training session and works with the Mini and Youth Executive to obtain and secure gear and equipment.

  • Ensure every player in the group wears proper attire during play (jersey, boots/studs, gum shields, etc).

  • Promptly answer information requests from club officials in relation to group fixtures, times, locations etc.

  • Takes direction and seeks counsel from the Mini and Youth Executive members.

  • Ensures that the group operates within the guidelines set out by the Mini & Youth Executive and seeks clarification and guidance if unclear

Group Administrator
Responsible for arranging home and away fixtures and ensuring the group is fully compliant with internal and external registrations, qualifications, training, fundraising, touring, and other matters critical to the smooth running of the age group off the pitch.

  • Ensure that every player in the group is registered with the Club for the current season.

  • Ensure every player in the group is of the correct age.

  • Ensure that every player in the group is fully registered with the IRFU.

  • Ensure that no player is ever refused play due to ineligibility

  • Ensure the group is registered in all relevant Age Group competitions and ensure that the group manager is aware of these dates/times/locations.

  • Ensure every coach in the group is Garda vetted

  • Ensure every coach in the group has received concussion training

  • Ensure every coach holds the appropriate level of IRFU training. Seek and facilitate new training courses and attendance of the group's coaches.

  • Ensures the group adheres to the Mini & Youth touring policy and manages the application to the Treasurer of Mini and Youth for touring fund applications.

  • Ensures that the group does not commit the Club or Mini and Youth Executive to payments or monetary liabilities.

  • Ensures the Mini and Youth Executive are kept informed of any fundraising activities of the group and specifically seeks permission from the Mini and Youth Executive before engaging in fundraising or sponsorship activities which bear the name or crest of the club

  • Advises and seeks permission from the Mini and Youth Executive of all relevant details of group activity which involves representing the club outside of Stradbrook. Including tours, fundraising, sponsorship, festivals, etc.

  • Seeks permission from the Mini & Youth Executive to use the name or crest of the club in any activity or communication outside of regular fixtures and training announcements.

Group Representative
Represents their Age Group on the Mini and Youth Executive
  • Member of the Mini and Youth Executive

  • Attends Mini and Youth Exec meetings and included on Mini and Youth Executive email list

  • Promotes and highlights the interests of their Age Group with the Executive, and vice versa.

  • Relays any matters of concern with the Age Group to the Executive, and vice versa.

  • Position is open to any parent or guardian within the Age Group

If you would like to become a Group Representative please directly email any member of the Executive (see the contact page or email to get in touch with us.


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