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Who Do You Know? (Updated)

Black and white image of Irish rugby squad before traveling to S Africa
Photo donated to Blackrock College RFC by John O Shea

Longtime supporter of the Club, John O Shea recently donated this photo, but we don't know much about it. Can you help us fill in the blanks?

Here's what we do know: it was taken before traveling to S. Africa.

We're hoping you can help! Do you recognize any of the faces in the photo above? Do you know what year this may have been taken? Click on the photo to enlarge.

Leave us a comment below with your guess!


Update 7 Feb 22

Thank you to everyone who helped to name some of the players in the photo above.

To help put together the names and the faces, below is a new version of the photo, which includes numbers above the heads of those in the picture.

Here are some of the names that came out of last week's post:

First Row

13. Noel Turley (Blackrock)

Second Row

19. Gerry Culliton (Wanderers)

20. Niall Brophy

Front Row

30. Mick English (Lansdowne)

31. Ronnie Kavanagh (Wanderers)

32. Locky Butler (Blackrock)

33. Al Moroney (Bective) or Alan Duggan (Lansdowne)

Click the photo to enlarge and leave us a comment with your guess!

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