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Match Report Men's 1st XV v Greystones

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Blackrock College RFC vs Greystones RFC

26th September 2020

Energia Community Series, Leinster Conference 2, Round 1

Re-watch the match on the Blackrock College RFC YouTube Channel

The sun wasn’t exactly splitting the ‘stones’, however it was a glorious late September afternoon for our first round of the Energia Community Series, in Stradbrook on Saturday. 

It was the polar opposite of the mud bath we endured the last time we met Greystones, in January. 

A swirling breeze favoured the team playing from the Lucey Park end and it strengthened as the match progressed. 

With Rock playing in their away kit, Stones got the match underway, kicking off towards the clubhouse. 

A knock on by Rock, leads to a scrum for Stones. 

Quick passing results in a try by their No. 10, O’Brien, after a fantastic step. 

Converted by the full back, Kealy, and it’s 0:7 after three minutes. 

Five minutes gone, when Stones are awarded a penalty just inside the Rock half. 

A super kick by Kealy and Stones lead by 0:10 

Our rooftop cameraman retrieves the ball and we’re back in play. 

Rock pile on the pressure from the kick off, and with Mark Edwards flooring their biggest lad (twice) it’s a penalty for Rock for holding on in the tackle. 

Cokes takes us to their 22 with a good kick. 

A great take at the tail of the line out by Colm Gallagher, “Cork Colm” to his mates. 

Some fast hands, from forwards and backs alike sees the ball in Edwards hands. 

He passes to James Burke, who breaks two tackles and the ball is recycled. 

More good passing, the width of the field, with Ciarán “Carrier” Cassidy making strides,inside the 5 metre line now and the ball gets to Brian Cawley who secures a penalty as Stones hold on in the tackle. 

Quick thinking by Cawley, taking a quick tap, and he goes over in the corner, at the scoreboard side. 

Quite hard to miss Brian on the park today, with his clean white boots.!

Peter Quirke takes the difficult side line kick, into the wind and strips the paint off the outside of the right post. 

05:10 with ten minutes gone. 

After fourteen minutes, holding on in the tackle costs Stones, again. 

Captain Cokes takes a diagonal kick and we’ve a put in near their 22. 

Another good take and the ball is spread left to the opposite line, then comes back right, with a series of good runs and passes. 

A knock on results and Stones get out of jail. 

After eighteen minutes, with a penalty awarded to Stones from a Rock scrum, just inside the Rock half, Stones point to the post to try the long kick. 

As a couple of lads need attention, the ref. calls for the water break scheduled for the 20 minute mark. 

On the restart, Kealy once again slots the long range kick and it’s 05:13 in the nineteenth minute. 

After some great play by our forwards in the middle of the park, we’re awarded a penalty, right in front of the posts. 

Peter “Kicker” Quirke puts it over to leave the score at 08:13 with twenty five minutes gone. 

Straight from the restart, taken well by Cork Colm, the ref. signals that a Rock player went straight off his feet and awards a penalty to Stones. 

Kealy converts and it’s 08:16 after twenty seven minutes. 

Rock retain possession from the kick off, with a great chase and take by Gallagher. 

After a storming run from James Burke and four good phases of play from our forwards, the ball ends up with Quirke, who kicks through a gap, Captain Cokes is in like a hare to gather and he goes in under the posts. 

Converted by Quirke and the score is 15:16 on the half hour mark. 

It’s at this time, in the silence, where the only noise heard is the coaches shouting instructions, one can imagine the supporters cheering, banging the hoardings, faces pushed against the windows from some of those in the club bar, just like the good old days. 

Let’s all hope those days are back soon as Stradbrook sings when the place is busy and it’s not the same as a ghost of it’s former self. 

Solid defence by Rock on their own line, results in a penalty, which brings play out near the half way line. 

After some strong phases, Edwards chips through and once again, Captain Cokes, dives in to take. 

The play of the game so far. 

A resultant knock on gives Stones some respite and the attack is stymied. 

Super scrum by Rock, sees Stones concede a penalty. 

Nothing comes of it and the ref. blows up for half time. 

HT Score - 15:16 


Rock restart and the match is back & forth in the middle of the field for the first five minutes of the second half. 

Pushing in the air, in a line out, gives Stones a penalty. 

Kealy misses, for the first time and the score remains 15:16 with  forty six minutes gone. 

Fifty minutes gone and Rock have a scrum on halfway. 

Following some good offloads, the ball is in Peter Quirkes’ hands. 

He takes another chip kick. 

Captain Cokes, once again gathers and with a jinking run, fending off three tacklers, he goes in near the posts. 

Kicker Pete converts and Rock lead for the first time. 

Score now - 22:16 

A penalty kick for Stones, converted well by Kealy, makes the score 22:19 with fifty five minutes gone.

Penalty to Rock, near halfway line after fifty six minutes, just missed by Kicker Quirke. 

In the sixty second minute Stones are awarded a scrum in the middle of the park after a knock on by Rock on their own 10 metre line. 

They break away down the right side, where Rock are caught short and Marmion goes in for a try. 

Successful conversion and Stones lead again - 22:26 

Ref. takes the mid half water break and we will resume with twenty minutes left on the clock. 

Scrum for Stones on our 5 metre line in the sixty second minute, sees our best scrum thus far. 

We win a penalty and relieve the pressure. 

A good kick to touch gives us a line out at our 10 metre line. 

Edwards takes a box kick from the resulting ruck and Stones take the catch near their 22.  

In an almost mirror image of the last Stones attack, they break away up the right side. 

With some good recycling and great passing, their No. 7, O’Donoghue, gets in to score. 

A missed conversion from the sideline sees the score stand at 22:31 with twelve minutes to play. 

Stones are awarded a penalty from the halfway line, due to an incident between our Captain and the try scorer, so play resumes from there. 

Captain Cokes sees yellow and has ten in the bin. 

Stones kick to touch and retain possession on our 22. 

A superb turn over and some quick hands, sees Rock make an advance of over 50 metres, with their best spell of the game. 

Breakdown in play concedes possession and the ball is back with Stones, who kick for touch. 

Three minutes to go and Stones get a penalty at the half way line. 

They kick for touch, retain possession from the line out, spread it across the park,with some good play by their back line. 

Their winger flicks the ball back inside and with another quick fire pass, it comes to the taller Marmion, their No. 5, who scores under the posts. 

Converted, the score’s now 22:38 

Pretty much straight from the kick off, Stones go in again and the score is 22:43 with just over a minute left, plus whatever the ref. adds on for stoppages. 

A bonus point is now our only hope and Hugo Godson Treacy almost gets us it. 

He gets away from three Stones defenders, puts on the after burners and with a fantastic run down the left, chips ahead and but for a last ditch sliding kick from the Stones full back, he would have scored. 

Rock chase the bonus point in the remaining seconds, are held up over the line twice and the ref. blows time.. 

The final score of 22:43 didn’t reflect the closeness of this match and we look forward to our next encounter with Stones, in Dr. Hickey Park, when we play in the AIL in February next year; Covid permitting..! 

Next up, in the Energia Community Series is Skerries away on Saturday next, October 3rd. 

This game is, once again, being played behind closed doors. 


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