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Concussion Workshop

Dear Parents, Players and Coaches of Blackrock College RFC (Minis, Youths and Seniors)

You are all invited to a Concussion workshop being run by Concussion Coach.

Venue: Blackrock RFC (Bar area)

Date: 22 November 2018

Time: 7.30pm

Purpose: This workshop serves as an educational on the different aspects of concussion including Identification, Diagnosis, Recovery and Creating a culture

Audience: We recommend all parents, players and coaches to attend.

Presenter: Mark Beakey,


  1. Concussion 101 (Identification, Risks, Myths and Misconceptions etc)

  2. Recovery and Rehabilitation (Pathway, Nutrition, Safe to Return to Play)

  3. Injury Management (Acute Concussion Management, Potential Stakeholder Roles)

  4. Creating a Culture (Managing on an Ongoing Basis, enabling and facilitating stakeholder groups)

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