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Policy for Use of Photographic/Video Equipment

This policy is in relation to the use of these images of players. Image: refers to all photographic and film/video footage. The use of these images on all social media, websites and publications is subject to this policy. 

By registering to play for Blackrock College RFC, parent/guardians agree to:

• the use of images/ photographs of players on social media or for internal analysis of play or training

• consent/approval is not required prior to each event but instead is granted for the duration of the registration / membership of the player
• approve that images/photographs of players training or playing on the grounds of the club or on away games are within this policy. 


The Club and Parent/Guardian jointly agrees to:
• Be diligent on assuring limited information accompanies these photographs/ images, i.e. players are not identified by name
• Use group photographs, identifying the club rather than the individual.
• Use only images/photographs that are suitable


Use of Images on social media:
• Personal details of a young person should not be included
• Captions should be in keeping with the sport represented
• The posting and any purpose should not breach the codes of conduct of the club
• The type of image should not breach guidance in this policy



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