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Orange Cart Duties

The orange cart (or more accurately the orange table) is the tradition of giving our mini players juice and a biscuit after their sessions.

The table is set up outside by the club staff but volunteer parents are needed to pour the drinks and guard the biscuits!

Many hands make light work so each week a group will be assigned to a time slot as follows

09.45 - 10:15 U6 or U7
10.15 - 10:45 U8 or U9
11:15 - 11:45 U10
11:45 - 12:15 U11 or U12

What do I do if I'm volunteering?


- Preferably 2 volunteers go to the bar 15 minutes before the end of their group session
- The orange juice concentrate is on the bar with cups and biscuits (put out before 9am)
- Extra supplies are in the store behind the bar if needed: The white cups, biscuits and orange are together on one shelf. So if there is nothing there on the bar you don't have to look far.
- Sandra, Conor or Mike Conn are happy to resupply.
- Volunteer adults should have the juice poured before the kids finish their sesion because the kids hit  all at once and there is little parental or coaching supervision to stop small numbers of kids making off with all the biscuits while you are busy pouring!!
- 1-2 biscuits each maximum is advised.

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