Dear Colleagues,


It is a great Honour for me to Welcome you all to our Club for the 2018/19 Season.I would like to wish our President,Patrick Burke and all our Coaches and Players great success and most importantly great enjoyment in the year ahead.

I am delighted that this year sees a very welcome increase in player numbers,all of who I believe will be shown strong leadership by our new Club Captain,Job Langbroek. Our clear focus for the Future is the development and support of our Rugby programme.

I am also delighted that the Club members have elected a very positive and

enthusiastic Executive who are all completely committed to our new Club Strategic

Plan called “Our Club-Our Future”.

We see progress in all areas of our Development Strategy under the headings:
Rugby, Finance, Grounds and Infrastructure, Sponsorship and Fundraising,

Membership and Community and Communications. We are now confident that we

have an excellent development plan that satisfies all requirements of all interested

parties in Our Club.


Major works throughout the year,saw the completion of our new Showers and Physio
Centre,which have been dedicated to the memory of a Great Club Colleague, Barry

O’ Keeffe. Other works focussed on the painting of our toilets, and recoating the Club


On behalf of all our members,I would like to thank Conor, and his team for their great

work in maintaining our pitches to such a high standard. Cabinteely FC continue a

ground sharing arrangement with us and have made a major contribution to the

standard of our pitches.


We wish their Players and Managememt continued success in their current season. Your Executive is committed to the development of Our Club to ensure the enjoyment of all members and Players from Minis through Youths, Juniors,Ladies and Seniors.We have a clear detailed development plan.We invite you to come along with us,get involved and Enjoy.


As always at the start of the season I have to ask of you the following:
1. Call for Volunteers:we need 60 volunteers every year to run this Club well. Please consider getting involved-We need you.
2 Call for Sponsorship-The Life blood of all Clubs,please try to elicit financial support, from friends and Commercial contacts. Every cent is precious
3. We kindly ask you all to lend your support to our fundraising activities especially our All Blacks dinner this year in the Mansion House. Good Luck to All our Players for the coming Season.

Looking forward to seeing you all down the Club soon.

Declan Carroll