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The U6s this year had a maximum squad of over 40 boys and girls. This included a handful of ‘veterans’ who had been playing last year as 4 year olds! Over the course of the year our 10 volunteer coaches worked to try and balance the varied ages, sizes, skills and experience to ensure that the new arrivals had a good introduction to the game, whilst those eager for more challenge were also given that chance to progress. To this end, the early part of the season focused on very basic skills and an understanding of the game, all in the format of games and races. In the second half of the season we focused more on match-play training with occasional break-outs to focus on stepping, passing, working as a team and talking to one another. This year the U6s will have run 33 training sessions, run an internal blitz and attended one external blitz in Clontarf. The coaches have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of the characters in the squad, and have been amazed at some of the progression in terms of defence and attack. We have come a long way from the early days of cat-herding… which now only occasionally resurface. There is a great bond between the core players and coaches that we hope to build upon next year at U7 as we broaden their skills and build upon all their progress.

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