Boots must be studded with big rounded metal screw in studs. No moulded boots or "bladed" boots are allowed because plastic studs crack and leave a sharp edge.

If in doubt about acceptable boot types the Irish Rugby Shop sells the correct boots https://shop.irishrugby.ie/

If searching online in your favorite shop, start your search with "Rugby Boots" and then pay special attention to the studs.

Pro Tip: If you buy any boots with screw in studs you can replace them with the correct medal-only suds (see image below)

Why are we so strict on this? Because we've seen injuries from plastic studs happen too many times, simple as that.

Club Gear (Jerseys, Shorts, Socks, etc) available from Uniformity


Gum Shields
At all ages gum shield are mandatory. No sum shield = no play or train. 

Concussion incidents are extremely rare in our club and we are proud of this. However, in the event of a fall or a blow to the head causing what any coach may deem to be concussion, we will enforce the concussion protocol for returning to play. It is hugely important that if this happens to your child in any other sport, that you advise us also and that you respect the coaches judgement and comply with the rest period. We strongly advise all parents carry out the brief but excellent concussion protocol training that is available on the IRFU website. All coaches have completed this course. 
Scrum caps. 
These are optional. They are designed to prevent friction burns and bruises. They will not mitigate against concussion.


Normal eye glasses are permitted at u6 and u7 only.

For other age groups, World Rugby approved goggles only.  


June 2020


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